If you’ve ever opened a laptop you’ve definitely used Google Chrome, but you likely haven’t been using it to its full potential.

Within Google Chrome, there are “users” that allow me to set up a new profile for each client we sign on.

Here’s why this is so helpful:

Since we manage several clients at our agency, things would be VERY unorganized if we had to log in and out of client accounts from one Google Chrome user to manage things like:

  • Prospect lists
  • Email inboxes
  • Calendly events
  • LinkedIn profiles

And so on.

Instead of logging in and out of accounts all day, we set up a NEW Chrome user for each client we sign on at the agency…

They’re totally free and we can create as many users as we want.

To set up a Chrome user, you just need a Google account for each of your clients.

Once the user is set up, you can customize the profile with your client’s name, a profile image, and a theme to keep things extremely organized on your end.

This really is a life saver when you try to navigate to a certain client.

Here’s an example of how it will look:

Once this is all set up, we recommend setting up a bookmarks bar so you can save all relevant links for quick and easy access.

Our bookmarks bar includes:

  • Their LinkedIn
  • Client’s website
  • Their email inbox
  • Their automation tool dashboard

The beauty of the Chrome user is each time you open the browser, you’ll already to be logged into the clients’ specific accounts for each thing on your bookmark bar.

No need to remember passwords or endlessly copy paste…

Just switch between Chrome users in seconds!

It’s basically like having a separate computer set up for each client, fully customized with everything you need to access to fulfill on your services.

Best of all?

Any of your team members can login to the Chrome user and pick right up where you left off…

And so can your clients!

Once we onboard a new client fully and set up the Chrome user for them, we basically hand them the “keys to the kingdom” with the Google login credentials…

So they have immediate access to the Chrome user complete with logins for all our tools.

To recap…

Instead of logging in and out of 50+ accounts all day long, we set up a new Chrome user for each client we sign.

This allows us instant access to each of our clients’ accounts, and gives any member of my team AND our clients instant access, too.

Hope this is a helpful addition to the systems and operations at your agency!

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