Step 1: Craft your offer and ICP

Your offer determines how well your cold emails will convert, how quick you’ll scale, how much money you’ll make, etc…

So it’s extremely important you pick a good one to pitch to prospects.

To get super clear on your offer, craft a Refined Marketing Statement following the “I help X achieve Y by Z” framework.

“I help sales agencies get in touch with their ideal clients on a Pay-Per-Call basis with cold email and LinkedIn outreach.”

Once you have your offer, get specific on who you want to work with as your ICP.

Ask yourself:

What industry are your ideal clients in?

How much revenue do they do yearly?

How many employees do they have?

For example, you can work with eCommerce brands in the health & wellness niche making $100-$500k a year with 20-50 employees.

Not only will this targeting help you stick out with your messaging, working with only 1 niche will help you scale 10x easier.

Repeatable, efficient.

Another great ICP that’s pretty blue-ocean heading into 2022 is course sellers.

High ticket courses need email copy, they need ads, they need closers, they need live chat support… you get the point.

STEP 2: Build a leads list and write cold outreach scripts

With the ICP you’ve just outlined, use a tool like ListKit to get a list of leads in your target market.

Just fill out your targeting requirements and get a list straight to your inbox within 24 hours.

While you’re waiting for your ListKit to be delivered, you can use your RMS to craft cold outreach scripts.

We’ve always found that simple scripts work best.

Here’s our initial message framework:

Hi {name} – {line}

Do you/are you (insert pain point, desire, tool they use)?


“Do you use Klaviyo for email marketing?”

“Are you currently working with a business coach?”

“Do you have a low Shopify site speed score?”

STEP 3: Launching campaigns

With your ListKit and cold outreach scripts ready to roll, it’s time to start outreach.

Using a sending software like Mailshake or Skylead, set up a simple sequence and let the campaigns do their thing!

Here’s a great thread from our CEO Andre breaking down our sequence.

Side note: Before you start outreach, purchase a new domain and warm it up using Gmass for 2 weeks.

So now campaigns are running…

Once you get a few interested replies, push them towards a sales call.

Here’s another thread breaking down how to do that.

So, to recap, you’ll have:

– An offer

– An RMS

– Cold outreach scripts

– A list of prospects to target

– A warmed-up email domain

– Live outreach campaigns on Skylead or Mailshake

– Interested leads in your pipeline you can funnel to a call

This is all you’ll need to sign your first client.

Once you sign that first one,

Each one after will get easier and easier to close once you build case studies and social proof.

Here’s to starting 2022 off with a new client and a ton of momentum to scale with!

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