Once a new client signs our contract, the very first thing they get from us is an onboarding email.

In that email we tell them to:

1. Fill out an onboarding form
2. Join our private Slack workspace
3. Join our Trello board
4. Schedule their onboarding call on Zoom

1. New Client Onboarding Form

Our onboarding form is the focal point of all our client relationships. In the onboarding form, we ask clients about:

– Their ICP
– Their offer
– Case studies
– What they need help with in their agency

And a whole lot more.

We reference this form to build new lists and write scripts for outreach, and it’s a great way to set expectations with our client right off the bat.

Here’s a great Twitter thread from our founder Andre breaking down our new client onboarding form.

2. Private Slack Workspace

Slack is our home base for all client communications. In the workspace, we give updates on:

– Weekly campaign KPIs
– Changes to scripting or targeting
– New trainings we provide our clients
– How to handle interested replies from prospects
– What we’re working on to improve our strategy and get the best possible results

One of the biggest value-adds of my agency is we’re available 24/7 in Slack for any questions, any feedback or changes clients want to make, and to discuss strategy so we’re getting the best results possible.

Plus, our clients interact directly with us, the founding team.

3. Trello Board

Trello is our agency’s filing cabinet.

Trello stores all the resources necessary to run our outreach campaigns like scripts and the leads list, general resources like login credentials and the service agreement, and a to-do list for both us and our clients.

If clients have questions for us, there’s a strong chance the answer lies somewhere in the Trello board!

We also have all of our trainings stored on Trello…

Videos on things like inbox management, sales training, LinkedIn optimization, and a lot more.

Here’s an example of a Trello board we use internally at our agency:

4. Zoom Onboarding Call

Once the onboarding form is filled out and the client joins both Slack and Trello, the last step of the process is a quick Zoom call.

We use the call to introduce our whole team, go over the Trello board, and get set for the outreach campaigns to start.

We show up to this call with the scripts and lead lists already prepared, so all the client has to do is approve both of them.

We also use the call to clear up questions our clients have, show them the training, and set expectations for the relationship.

This entire process is transparent, detail oriented, and organized.

Our clients are prompted on exactly what they need to do for campaigns to begin, multiple channels of communication (email, Slack, Trello, and Zoom) are established, and we’re able to start the relationship off on the right foot!

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