We all know that when a prospect agrees to a call with you, it’s a great feeling!

So great, in fact, that you might be so eager to get on the phone with them that you send them your calendar link for them to pick a time.

Then, for some reason, they don’t pick a time… in fact, they may stop answering completely.

Why is this?

Well, because you’re using bad etiquette.

From our experience, any time we send our calendar link to prospects to have them book a call, it leaves a bad taste in their mouth and they either hesitate to book a call or ghost completely.

While it may seem like the logical thing to do because your calendar shows your availability, it actually comes off as selfish.

Since you’re sending your calendar link, you’re indirectly telling the prospect that a call only works at your best convenience without regarding their schedule.

Instead, we always ask prospects what times work for them over the next week or two and cross-reference their availability with ours.

Once we find a time that works for both us and them, we book them in manually and tell them we’re looking forward to speaking with them!

Here’s an example:

“Great, looking forward to it! How does this Friday at 1PM or 3PM EST work? If neither of those times work, let me know when you have some availability in the next week.”

This way, you’re putting the prospect’s availability ahead of yours and finding a time that will fit their schedule.

The goal here is to get a reply from them giving you a time that works for them, so you can then go ahead and book a call manually on your calendar using their information.

Once the call is booked, you can set up automations on your booking software (we use Calendly) that handles the scheduling automations from there.

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