Cold email is an explosive form of outbound marketing if done properly.

Going after a targeted list of leads from a database like can yield you 8–10 sales calls a month for your business, granted you have the proper messaging.

Your prospects are guaranteed to be flooded with emails in their inbox on a daily basis, which makes your scripting extremely important.

Here’s our go-to email sequence to get prospects on the hook and ultimately book a call with us:

Subject line:

”quick question”

Keep your subject lines as short as possible, and leave them open-ended to intrigue the prospect enough to actually open your email.

Something to note with the “quick question” line is to actually ask a quick question in the email copy.

Initial Email:

“{{Personalized Line}}

Quick question, would you be interested in having us get you sales calls with your ideal prospects on a Pay-Per-Call basis?”

We like to open our sequences with a soft pitch, simply to see if the prospect has any interest in lead generation for their company.

We’re not asking them to get on a call or check out our website, just simply asking if lead gen is a need for them at the moment.

Something to note here is we’re sure to include the fact that our services are on a Pay-Per-Call basis, because this is one of our biggest competitive advantages of our offer.

First Follow-Up:

”We just recently helped COMPANY, a creative agency similar to yours, get 20 sales calls scheduled on their calendar with their ideal prospect just last month.

It was on a Pay-Per-Call basis, so they only paid us for each qualified prospect that showed up to the meeting.

Would you be open to a quick call to see how we can do something similar for you, {{First Name}}?”

Rather than a generic bump message, we opt to follow up with a case study showcasing results we’ve gotten for our clients in an industry similar to our prospects.

This shows that we’d be able to deliver results for this prospect as well, which will hopefully spur the prospect to reach back out and get a call scheduled to learn more.

If you have a case studies section on your website, it’s helpful to drop a link to that page in your campaigns as well.

Second Follow-Up:

”Quick question for you {{First Name}}…

Would it be a terrible idea for us to grab some time on calendar for a quick strategy session to discuss how we can generate 10–20 qualified sales calls per month for {{Company Name}}?

P.S. We only get paid when a call is booked on your calendar :)”

With the second and final follow-up of our sequence, we go straight for the kill.

Asking the prospect straight up if they’d be interested in a call is a last effort to catch their interest, and it’s completely justified with it being the last message in the sequence.

Something to note here is the Chris Voss method, asking the question “Would it be a terrible idea?” or “It wouldn’t be a terrible idea, would it?”

This is straight psychology, framing the question in a way that makes the prospect reply with “Yes it would be a good idea!” or “No, it wouldn’t be a terrible idea.”

Implement this 3-step email sequence into your own campaigns & with your own offer, coupled with a killer list of leads from, and we’d like to bet you’ll start to see your calendar flood with sales calls.

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