So you got a response to your cold outreach…

This is a great first step, but in many cases your work is only just getting started.

When prospects don’t show interest right away, it’s your job to guide the conversation towards a phone call.

Here’s an example of a response we recently got. It’s clear the prospect is expressing interest, but isn’t entirely sold on a phone call just yet.

To move them towards booking a call, it’s our job to provide the prospect with the right information.

In this case, we showed the prospect which retailers our client can get their products into, and how our client can help them with setup and catalog management.

Regardless of the offer you’re pitching, make sure you give the prospect as much information as possible.

Also be sure to frame the information in a way that interests them, and shows them how it will be beneficial to their business.

The prospect responded with concerns on pricing, which is something we typically push to a phone call to discuss.

You can see our response is conversational rather than templated, and the messaging is specific to our client’s offer when we mention “creating a custom plan”.

Now that we’ve addressed this prospect’s questions & concerns thoroughly, they’re ready to move forward with a call.

Rather than just shooting them a Calendly link, we schedule them manually to make it easier on the prospect.

We also discovered that sending Calendly links moves our emails to the spam folder.

Because of this, and to make it smooth for the prospect, we always book calls manually on calendar.

Booking calls manually is simple:

Just go to you or your clients’ Calendly page, see if the time the prospect suggests is open on calendar, and manually enter the prospect’s email so they get the invite.

Once we book the call, both us and our client is notified in Slack so we can all celebrate 🙂

Hope this was helpful, now get out there and start getting calls booked on your calendar!

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you book 5-10 qualified sales meetings with your ideal prospects for you each month, feel free to schedule a free strategy call with us right at the link on our website.

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