I want to lead with something very important: As soon as you get a reply from a prospect, you should be looking to get either a “yes” or a “no” response from them.

“Yes” meaning they agree to a call, or “no”, they’re not interested.

Of course, there are plenty of instances where you’ll be told “no”… this is typical.

You’ll also get responses that flat out say “yes” to a call, and these are great. But what about all of the examples in between?

This is where inbox management comes in.

Inbox management is just objection handling before the actual sales call, where you need to sell the prospect on the call itself.

Here are some things to follow (and avoid) when you’re trying to get calls booked with prospects.

Instead of following up 2-3 times then give up, follow up until you get a YES or a NO

You need to follow up with prospects until you get a clear yes or no from them. But, you don’t want to come off as spammy or annoying…

Which leads to my next point.


Instead of following up every day with “bump” messages, follow up every 3-5 days with valuable messages

If you get ghosted by a prospect after they reply to you, it’s OK to follow up as many times as you need to get them reengaged.

The best way to do this is by spacing out your messages, and providing actual value with them.

If you follow up every single day saying “just bumping this up!”, you’re going to get blocked.

If you follow up every 5 days with Loom videos and free value, you’ll get the call.

Instead of handling objections in-depth with an email, give a brief answer and pushing for a call If you get questions about things like:

– Pricing
– Offer logistics
– Case study requests

Save most of the details for the call itself.

If a prospect asks about pricing, here’s how I would respond:

“Appreciate the question. Because our services are flexible to your needs, our pricing is different for each client we work with.

To avoid a ton of back and forth over email, the best next step would be to schedule a call to discuss further. How’s 2 PM on Monday work?”

This holds true for any objection you’ll come across. Give a short answer, then push for a call to explain in more detail.

Once a prospect agrees to a call, make sure you get the job done! Here are a few tips for actually booking the call:

Instead of sending a calendar link, ask the prospect what times work for them

Sending your Calendly link is a great way to ruin your chances at a call.

Instead, ask the prospect what works for them and book them in manually.

I have 3 PM EST open tomorrow, is that good for you?”

Instead of pitching times in your time zone, translate the times to their time zone

If your prospect is in a different time zone than you, make sure you account for the time difference. This gesture goes a long way…

“I have 1 PM EST open, looks like that’s 10 AM your time.”

If you still can’t find a time that works…

Check their calendar, cross-reference your availability with theirs, and book a time on their calendar.

“I went ahead and booked myself in for 1 PM on Friday, talk to you then!”

Now that you got the call booked, go close the deal!

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