STEP 1: Craft your offer & define your ICP

If you have a skill you want to monetize, the FIRST thing you need to do is ask yourself,

“What unique value do I provide?”
“What pain points do I help solve?”
“What outcomes can I help achieve?”

This is how you come up with your offer.

After you go through this exercise, turn all of your thoughts into a real offer with a Refined Marketing Statement..

“I help X achieve Y through Z”.

For example:

“I help email marketing agencies book 8-12 qualified sales calls each month on autopilot with omnichannel cold outreach”

Now that your offer is clear, figure out who you want to work with by defining your Ideal Client Profile (ICP).

Figure this out about your ideal clients:

– What industry they’re in
– How many employees they have
– How much revenue they’re doing
– If they’ve been funded recently

For example… eCom brands in the fitness niche making $100-$500k a year with 20-50 employees.

By getting this specific with your ICP you’ll be able to get super targeted with your cold email scripts.

Your ICP will evolve over time, but be sure to start with a specific one.

STEP 2: Build a leads list and write scripts

Using the ICP you just came up with, use a database to get a list of leads in your target market.

While you wait for your list to be delivered, use your Refined Marketing Statement to write scripts.

I constantly preach the One Sentence Cold Email…

“Hi {name} – {line}

Do you/are you (insert pain point, desire, tech they use)”


“Do you use Klaviyo for email marketing?”
“Are you looking for commission-only sales reps?”
“Are you able to take on new clients in 2022?”
“Are you looking to improve your Shopify site speed score?”

Make sure this question can be answered with a “Yes” or “No”.

As an A/B test, put your One Sentence Cold Email up against a traditional framework like:

“We recently helped client X book 20 sales calls in one month on autopilot from cold outreach.

Would you be open to a quick call to discuss how you can accomplish something similar?”

A typical cold email sequence is typically 3-5 emails, so for your follow ups use things like

– Bold claims or guarantees
– Bump messages
– Case studies
– GIFs / emojis

Space these follow ups 3-5 days apart for the first 2-3, then 7+ days apart for any additional follow ups.

STEP 3: Launching campaigns

Now that you have ALL of the groundwork laid out with your offer, ICP, leads list and scripts, it’s time to start sending emails.

Purchase however many domains you want to send emails from and use a warmup tool to get them read to roll.

Also be sure you ramp up your sending volume to keep your domain in good health…

At our agency, we start with 10 emails a day for the first week and increase output by 10 each week.

The last step of this entire process is to get set up on a sending platform to automate your outreach.

For just cold email outreach, we always recommend a simple email automation tool because of how easy they are to navigate and manage.

Plug in your domain and list, set up your 3-5 step email sequence with scripts, and start sending emails.

By doing this entire process, you’ll be in a position where one single reply can be all it takes to sign your first client and jumpstart your agency’s growth.

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