Got a positive reply to your cold email?

That’s a great first step.

Now it’s your job to follow up with that prospect as many times as it takes until you get a call booked with them on calendar.

A key distinction: These types of follow-ups are for AFTER you get a positive reply to your initial cold email…

Not follow-ups you’d use in your initial script sequence. This is extremely important to keep in mind as you read along.

We’ve all been here… You have a prospect expressing clear interest in getting on the phone with you, you reply back with some times you have available for a call, then…


Disheartening, to say the least. But, not the end of the story. Here’s where you need to follow up.

If you’re at this point with a prospect, you need to follow up with them every 3-5 days to get them reengaged.

If they STILL don’t get back to you after a handful of follow-ups, space the follow ups out farther apart, but KEEP following up.

Seems crazy, right?

Well not if you do it the right way. Instead of hitting prospects with the same old “Just following up!” or “Hope you had a good weekend!”, send follow-ups that will actually grab their attention.

Check out this example:

All 4 of the follow ups here are very different in nature and are designed to grab the prospects’ attention.

We followed up once, then sent a personalized video for them, then asked if they watched the video, THEN asked if they have time to discuss our clients’ offer on a call.

Each of these follow ups flow together, and they don’t make it seem like we simply copy-pasted a “Just following up” message to them.

And yet, still crickets from the prospect.

We continued to follow up with them, but spaced the follow-ups further out:

Both of these follow-ups directly address the purpose of the call (hiring for qualified salespeople), and ask if they’d be open for a call to discuss.

We’re now over a month since we originally heard from them, so this context is key to remind them about the purpose of the call.

At this point, we’ve followed up with this particular prospect 6 TIMES over the course of a month.

By now, you’d probably think it’s a lost cause and time to move on…

UNTIL, on November 9th, over a month since we last heard from them on October 4th, we got a reply!

Turns out they just had a busy month after all and didn’t have the bandwidth to get back to us.

We booked a call with them, and let our client handle the rest.

Now what would’ve happened if we stopped following up after 2 or 3 messages?

I’d bet a call never would’ve happened.

Follow-ups are just as important as your initial email scripts are…

Yet I see almost no one talking about them.

Hopefully this was helpful to you…

Get out there and start following up with interested prospects so you can book calls!

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