1. Follow the golden rule

Make sure your email can be answered with a simple “YES” or “NO”.

2. Workshop your offer.

Write down:

  • Technologies you work with (Klaviyo for example)
  • Pain points you solve
  • Desires you fulfill

For example, the desired outcomes of lead gen are to sign more clients and book more qualified sales appointments.

The pain points that lead gen helps solve are having to rely on referrals for lead flow and not being able to predictably scale.

3. Turn these points into questions.

Here’s what those outcomes look like as questions:

“Do you have the capacity to take on new clients?”

“Are you looking for an additional 10 qualified sales meetings each month?”

“Are you looking to scale your agency with qualified sales calls?”

“Are you looking to supplement your referrals with 10 qualified sales calls a month from cold email?”

Another classic:

“Do you use Klaviyo for email marketing?”

4. Make SURE your question isn’t vague.

When I say it needs to be answered with a “YES” or “NO”, this answer needs to be OBJECTIVE.

“Are you happy with the state of your sales pipeline?” This is no good.

“Are you looking for X more sales calls each month?” Much better.

5. Plug your one sentence cold email into your campaigns and get ready to handle replies!

The whole purpose of this strategy is to START a conversation with prospects.

Once you do get that “yes” reply, then you can pitch your services and push for a sales call.

Examples of calls being booked:



If you want help crafting a one-sentence cold email to start booking more qualified sales calls,

Book a call with us today and we’ll show you how!

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