Every single offer falls into one of 3 different “levels” for cold email:

> No-brainer
> Saturated
> Commoditized

Your cold email strategy should be based on which level your offer is in. When you’re sending cold emails, some offers are really easy to get results with.

Offers like B2B lead gen, sales agencies, influencer marketing, TikTok, etc… Even if your strategy isn’t great, you’ll still get results pitching these offers.

On the other hand, some offers are HARD to sell. Offers like web design, SEO, email marketing, Facebook ads… Even if your strategy IS great, it’ll be tough to get results pitching these offers.

This is why you need to decide which level your offer falls into for cold email.

LEVEL ONE: No-brainer

These offers are easy to sell, and you’ll be able to book tons of sales calls all from one-sentence cold emails.

Pay-Per-Call lead gen is a strong example:

“Would you be interested to hear how we can book you 8-12 calls a month on a Pay-Per-Call basis?”

Other examples of Level One offers:

  • Sales agencies
  • Influencer marketing
  • TikTok/UGC marketing
  • Extremely niche services (book publishing for coaches and speakers)

LEVEL TWO: Saturated

These offers are still sellable with cold email, but they’re going to require more effort, creativity, and personalization.

A few examples:

  • Email marketing
  • Video production
  • Content creation
  • Most SaaS offers

These are all in-demand offers, the only problem is there’s a LOT of competition.

Unlike lead gen where a lot of prospects are actively seeking more leads, not everyone is actively seeking help with email marketing.

Maybe they do it in-house, or already work with an agency.

To get around this AND compete with the dozens of other agencies offering the same exact thing, you’ll need to go a step further with your email strategy.

Here’s how:

  • personalization
  • offer a guarantee
  • use a unique mechanism

Here’s an example for email marketing:

“Big fan of COMPANY’s products – I keep seeing them pop up on my Instagram feed.
We can help you generate X% more revenue from your customer list with our Announcement Calendar email strategy.
We even guarantee 30%, or you don’t pay.
Any interest in discussing further?”

A LOT more in-depth than a Level One offer cold email.

LEVEL THREE: Commoditized

These offers are hard to sell with cold email, because most prospects don’t have a need for them.

If they do have a need for them, they can easily turn to Google or their network and find a solution.

A few examples:

  • SEO
  • Web design
  • Facebook ads

Not only do you have to sell prospects on your services with a Level Three offer, but you also need to sell them on why they NEED it in the first place.

Most brands know they need email flows for their customer list, most dentists DO NOT know they need a new website.

To get around this extra layer of selling, your email strategy needs to be ELITE.

  • Extra personalization
  • Pitch free value or a video audit
  • Use relevant case studies, mention competitors

Here’s an example for web design:

“Came across COMPANY’s website doing a search for the best dentist offices in Tampa and noticed a few things that may be leaving a bad first impression on potential clients.
Mind if I share a quick video explaining my thoughts?”

This email doesn’t pitch a call, doesn’t come off as spammy or spray-n-pray, and shows prospects EXACTLY why they should care.

You’ll need to put in extra legwork with a video audit or providing free value, but you WILL book calls this way.

Hope this helps! Figure out which Level your offer falls in, write scripts based on that, and let your campaigns rip.

If you want to generate 5-10 leads consistently with your ideal prospects each month, we’re here to help.

Book a free strategy session with us and we’ll see if we’re a good fit to help you scale as your Agency Growth Partners!

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