You’ve scheduled a sales meeting with a promising prospect, and you’re anxiously preparing for the call researching them and their company.

The time comes, you hop on the Zoom, and… Crickets.

They’ve ghosted you completely, and there’s arguably no worse feeling in business.

Perhaps it was intentional, or maybe it just completely went over their head that they had time scheduled on calendar with you.

To prevent no-shows for both us and our clients, we implement a pre-call cadence of emails and texts within Calendly to ensure the client is well aware of our time scheduled on calendar.

First and most importantly, a calendar event is made the instant a prospect books a time through our Calendly.

Since it’s done automatically, both us and the prospect will have the time blocked off on calendar, which, if you’re like us, is crucial if we hope to remember that we have a call at that time.

Next, we set an email reminder for one day prior to the meeting that prompts the prospect to reconfirm the meeting.

Not only does this email notify them of our meeting a day in advance, it makes the prospect take the physical action of reconfirming that they’ll be showing up to the call.

The day of the actual call is crunch time.

An hour before the call, we send a text reminder to the prospect:

Both 3 hours and 30 minutes before the call, we send email reminders to the prospect:

With the approach of:

– automating a calendar event for the prospect
– prompting them to reconfirm the event a day prior
– and a sequence of emails and a text the day of the event

It would take some real effort on the prospect’s end to ghost you on the call.

Implement these flows on Calendly or whichever scheduling software you use, and watch your no-show rates drop significantly!

Here’s to no more time wasted 🙂

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