Things change more rapidly than ever in business nowadays.

New technologies emerge, companies scale quickly, agencies bring on new clients and say goodbye to old ones, and situations change.

The same is true for both you and your prospects, which is why following up with old leads is so important.

Perhaps at the time the prospect didn’t have the bandwidth for your services, or you didn’t have an offer that suited their needs.

But, as time passes, things change.

That same prospect who didn’t have a need for your services at the time may need them now more than ever before.

To ensure that no past conversation goes to waste, our sales team puts a lot of focus on reengaging old prospects to see if there are new synergies.

The actual process of reengaging an old lead is simple.

Here’s an email script that’s worked very well for our sales team lately:

“Hey NAME,

(complimentary line)

You actually had scheduled a call with me on DATE that you ended up canceling.

Since then, we’ve grown our company significantly. More importantly, we’ve had success targeting (insert industry) which seems to be right in your wheelhouse.

One of the main reasons for our growth is we launched a Pay-Per-Call offer, so we’re 100% performance based.

Let me know if you’d be interested in touching base anytime soon.”

This script is personalized for our offer, but the frame of it can be applied perfectly to your business as well.

Sending this email out to old prospects isn’t a time consuming task, and the ROI can be massive.

It can even be repurposed into a text or cold call script, and all it takes is a few minutes of your time to potentially land a new client out of thin air.

Start looking through your CRM for past prospect engagements that ended on a strong note but didn’t close, and begin reengaging them.

You’ll be surprised at the results.

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