On this episode of the Agency Builders Podcast, Andre and Christian sit down with Cam Duncan, the founder of the web design agency Quick Creates.

In this episode, Cam dropped value on:

– Creating a reputation by building websites for free and sending them to people on Twitter

– Scaling his agency by niching down and turning away work because it doesn’t fit his system

– Using feedback from his first few clients to help him learn and give him confidence to deliver

If you’re looking to build your own agency, you’ll need a lead generation system in place to generate a consistent stream of sales calls.

The team at KnowledgeX is here to help!

You can learn more about our Pay-Per-Call lead generation system by visiting our website here: https://www.knowledgex.us

Contact Cam:

Twitter: @camduncannnn

Website: https://www.quickcreates.agency

Contact The Hosts:

Andre: andre@knowledgex.us

Christian: christian@knowledgex.us

Twitter: @andrehaykaljr

Website: www.knowledgex.us

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