Here are 8 quick tips you can apply to your cold emails right now to start booking more calls:

1. Keep your email to 50 words max.

If a prospect can’t read your email in ~5 seconds, you’re going to lose them.

2. Get really specific with your targeting.

“I help watch brands in the UK” will outperform “I help brands” every time.

3. Switch up your CTAs.

Instead of pitching a call, ask prospects if they’d like to see a video explaining further or hear more about a strategy you had in mind.

4. Have a 2:1 “you” to “I” ratio in your emails.

You should be speaking to the prospect twice as much as you talk about yourself.

5. Sell the reply.

Instead of going straight for a call to discuss your services, focus on getting an initial reply so you can move towards a call.

6. Focus on benefits.

If you offer Facebook ads, don’t pitch Facebook ads… Pitch the % increase in revenue you can help generate.

7. Think outside the box.

If everyone’s pitching “more sales” with influencer marketing, try pitching “making you going viral” instead.

8. Flow your emails together.

Your follow-ups should relate to the previous email, and your offer should be congruent throughout your sequence.

Hope these are helpful… We’ve found that following templates and strategies will only get you so far with cold email.

The really $$ is in being able to come up with new strategies on your own, test new things, and optimize based on results.

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