Reaching a revenue plateau is a common part of growing an agency…

Hitting a certain benchmark like $50k/month in revenue, getting stuck there for a few months, and thinking to yourself:

“How am I ever gonna break through this ceiling?”

Here are 7 ways to do it:

1. Raise your prices

This is BY FAR the most important change you can make at your agnecy…

By raising prices, you’ll attract higher quality clients and your churn rate will most likely go down.

2. Hire competent team members

Improving your fulfillment process should be a priority…

At our agency, we have 2 hires on our team fully dedicated to communicating with clients and giving them 1-on-1 support.

They also give us a ton of great ideas to improve our fulfillment, making our services even more valuable as a result.

By adding employees to handle certain parts of the business for you, you’ll give your clients a better experience and take some of the workload off your shoulders at the same time.

3. Double down on your strengths

For awhile, our offer was omnichannel cold email and LinkedIn outreach…

But our strength has always been cold email.

Ever since we pivoted to JUST cold email, weve gotten much better results for clients, and our outreach is now very scalable.

Figure out where you can deliver the most results for clients, and go all in on that skill.

4. Add new lead channels

Cold outreach and Twitter have been great acquisition channels for us, but there’s no such thing as “too many” lead sources.

In the past few months, we’ve added LinkedIn organic outreach and a cold email incubator program for more lead flow.

If you’re relying on a handful of lead channels to grow your client base, consider adding an additional 1-2 into the mix.

5. Offer a downsell

Ever since raising our prices, our main offer has attracted a lot of high-quality clients.

But, there are still a lot of quality prospects interested in our services, just with less volume.

If you have a downsell in place, you’ll be able to capture more revenue, sign more clients, and have the potential of upselling them later on once you deliver results.

6. Ask for referrals & pitch upsells

The easiest way to generate more revenue is to double down on what’s already working…

If you’re getting a ton of results for a client, ask if they want to upgrade their package or ask them for a referral.

7. Provide more value

Our main value add is by booking calls with cold email…

But as Growth Partners, we support our clients on appointment setting, sales, fulfillment, etc.

We also give them access to our entire network for referral & partnership opportunities.

Figure out ways to provide more value to your clients outside of your “bread and butter” services, and your offer will instantly become more valuable.

It’s not uncommon to get “stuck” at a certain revenue number with your agency…

It happened to us for a few months in 2022, and these 7 things were game-changer to get us over the hump and put us on pace for $100k/month before the end of the year.

Hope this helped!

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