1. Always focus your messaging on THEM rather than YOU. People only care about what you can do for them.

2. Use a simple subject line. “quick question” has been our bread and butter for months.

3. Switch up your call-to-actions. Ask executives if they’d like to learn more, ask lower level employees if they’re open to a call.

4. Keep your emails short. We’ve had tons of success with “one sentence” cold emails.

5. Mix up your personalization. Try putting a personalized line as a P.S. instead of the first line.

6. Don’t diminish yourself. Avoid phrases like “sorry to bother” or “don’t want to take up too much time”.

7. NEVER say “I would love to”… Just don’t do it.

8. Relate your case studies back to the prospect. Show them how what you accomplished for someone else can be done for them too.

9. Get specific with your targeting. Instead of going after eCom brands, try beef jerky brands in Texas.

10. Tell people how you can help them solve their problems. No one cares about features, only solutions.

11. Do market research. Figure out 3-5 things your target market struggles with, and call them out in your email.

12. Follow up!

13. Have a link to your calendar in your signature. We use “Let’s chat” hyperlinked to Calendly.

14. Try opening with a bold question or statement. Make it related to a pain point or desire.

15. Don’t include any links in the body of your email. Only in the signature.

16. NEVER send your calendar link to get a call booked. Ask prospects what times work best for them.

17. NEVER state your price over email. Save it for a call.

18. Try to get a call booked with a prospect in as few email exchanges as possible. Make it a game.

19. Always A/B test. Even if it’s as simple as a few words changes, figure out which one performs better.

20. Lead with value. If you have a resource or a strategy to share with a prospect, ask if they’d like to see it.

21. Pick one main benefit of your offer and run with it. Mentioning 8 different services in one email will just overwhelm people.

22. Make sure your email sequence flows. Instead of pitching 4 different things in 4 emails, keep one central idea throughout.

23. Don’t give up! Most times, the answer is just to send more emails. Test new things, results will come.

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