– Always focus your copy on THEM, not YOU.

People only care about what you can do for them

– Avoid saying “Just following up” or “Sorry to bother” in your emails.

These phrases only diminish you and take up space

– Get right to the point.

You have 3-5 second to grab attention with a cold email, make them count

– Prospects don’t care about your accomplishments.

They want to hear how you can help them make 7 figures, not how you made 7 figures

– Be specific with your targeting.

Going after supplement brands in Texas and calling them out in your emails will generate more results than simply targeting any eCom brand

– Use personalization.

Congratulating a prospect on their recent award will break the ice and get them to read the rest of your email

– Use case studies.

If someone sees you helped a company similar to theirs, they’ll trust you more

Test different CTAs.

Not every email needs to pitch a call, try pitching an audit or a Loom video instead

– Provide free value.

Instead of trying to sell in your emails, offer to show prospects a few things they could be doing better

– Use proven subject lines.

“quick question” has worked always worked well, stop overcomplicating it

– Keep your emails short.

There’s no need to go into specifics with your offer in a cold email, save that for the call

– Ask rhetorical questions.

If you know your target market uses Klaviyo for email marketing for example, ask them “Do you use Klaviyo?” to open a conversation

– Differentiate yourself.

If you offer the same thing as hundreds of other agencies, tell prospects in your email why your services are better

– Follow up if you get ghosted after initial reply.

People are busy, they probably just haven’t been seeing your emails

– Try to get a call booked in as few email exchanges as possible.

If prospects start asking questions about your services, defer to a call

– Get creative with your follow ups.

Instead of “just bumping your email up”, send a value-packed Loom video recorded just for them

– A/B test relentlessly.

Your scripts will look good on paper, but the only way to find out if they’ll convert is to test them

Model, don’t copy.

If you see a cold email strategy on Twitter, use it as a reference instead of copying it word for word

– Gather feedback from your audience.

Find out what their paint points, goals and desires are and then call them out in your emails

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