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Authentic Personalization

Your prospects are being flooded with generic, obviously AI-generated "personalized" emails. Our personalization strategies are wildly creative and custom to your offer.

Proven Strategy

By combining our personalized messaging with precise targeting of your dream clients (powered by ListKit), we're able to generate impactful results without compromising your reputation.

Expert Training

Generating interested replies is only part of the equation to growing your agency. Our team of experts is closing 2-3 high ticket deals every week, and we'll personally train you so you can too.


What are agency owners saying about KnowledgeX?

Jamie Lambe from Cognition Marketing

Jamie Lambe ☝️
CEO at Cognition Marketing

"KnowledgeX put my agency's growth on autopilot. I don't have to think about it at all. Because of them, lead generation is one less thing for me to think about which gives me a lot more creative bandwidth to do everything else high-level in my agency." - Jamie
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Let's grow together

Your success is our success. In addition to our cold email outreach campaign, we’ll help you grow your agency with LIVE training and coaching sessions.

The KnowledgeX Team

Yep, that's really us!

Simple, ROI-FOcused Services

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We offer two simple options to fit any situation

Pay Per Call

For qualified email marketing agencies, only pay for booked appointments – no risk.

$1,500 setup fee
$300 per call
* Qualified email marketing agencies only

Catch & Release

We build your automated lead generation campaigns and optimize results.

$1,500 one time
$500 per month

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